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Inclusive Sports Coaching provides 1 to 1 sport and physical activity services for people with a disability, autism, are disadvantaged or have mental health concerns. We believe sport is very powerful in addressing a wide range of developmental areas for children, teenagers and adults.  By complimenting what we do with the Allied Health professionals in your support network, Inclusive Sports Coaching adds a practical component to therapy by focusing on fine and gross motor skill development, cognitive processing, skills development and acquisition, while also teaching clients about social skills such as communication, teamwork and constructive feedback. 


This can be done utilising your NDIS Plan and funding if you are Plan Managed or Self-Managed.



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With focused and specialised coaching, people gain the confidence and improve their self esteem to better enable them to interact with others, join or remain in a sporting or community club environment and contribute effectively to that environment, improve behaviour at school due to improved listening skills, and a range of other benefits. 

We work with people with Autism and/or an intellectual or physical disability who want to further develop their sports skills with High Performance coaching and methods, so they can work towards gaining higher Club, State or Country representation in their chosen sport.  We also cater for those just looking to be more active using sport as a fun and engaging form of therapy to improve motor skills, regulate behaviour, cope with stress and improve social interaction skills. 

As a High Performance Indoor Cricket Coach and a Representative Level Coach with Cricket Australia, John Lonergan is also providing a range of Outdoor and Indoor Cricket Coaching services.  This includes the High Performance Indoor Cricket Academy where you can receive Coaching as an Individual, a group of people, a Coach or an entire Squad.  Also as an Outdoor Cricketer or Cricket Club, John can provide Coaching on both the Technical and Mental aspects of Cricket, as well as Opposition Analysis data and insights.  . 

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Combined group of Mainstream and Inclusive players at a training session, the type of integration we strive for.

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Inclusive Sports Coaching is focused on providing access to Sports Coaching techniques, methods and tools to athletes who normally don't get these opportunities. Leveraging NDIS Plans and funding we can provide Coaching to help people increase their confidence in social participation, through to achieving their dreams of representing their State and Country.  We do this across a range of sports. 

John Lonergan is the Highest Accredited Cricket Coach (Level 2 - Representative) with National Disability Coaching experience in South Australia.  John and the other Coaches at Inclusive Sports Coaching provide the right mix of empathy, understanding and skill development. 

Proudly Partnering with Action Sports Salisbury as our Inclusive Sports Academy Indoor Venue




Inclusive Sports Coaching provides 1:1 Programs for individuals looking to develop their sporting skills, as well as improve their self confidence and opportunities for social and community inclusion.

We recommend an 8 or 12 Session program to identify areas for improvement and sporting skills, conduct drills and physical activities to work towards specific outcomes, while engaging with the client in areas such as listening, memory retention, cognitive processing, social interaction, encouraging conversations, accepting and giving constructive feedback, and other areas as needed. 

At the halfway point we produce a status report on progress, and have found parents/carers often share this with OT's, Physios and Teachers as a way to share information on the individual and provide a strong network of support. At the end of the program we produce a final report, with recommendations for ongoing improvement, potential for progress along the person's chosen sport pathway where applicable, etc.   

Schools Program

Inclusive Sports Coaching is also running Programs at both Mainstream and Special Schools for students with behaviourial issues and social interaction difficulties.

Using sport and physical activity as a vehicle, we work with small groups of students to help them develop techniques and methods to manage their emotions, understand how their brains interpret challenging situations, and ways to focus their thoughts to react appropriately rather than be emotionally driven. 

DMQ Coaching



John has gained significant experience in Mental strength coaching over the years, and has devised a series of Workshops.

These concepts apply across all sports, we'll help you learn how the brain works (or doesn't work at times!) to help you make the best decisions at the right time.

Did you know simply smiling can increase your Decision Making abilities?

High Performance Indoor Cricket Academy


Foundations (Free) and Advanced ($29) Indoor Cricket Coaching Courses. 

The only Indoor Cricket Academy in South Australia providing Elite level Coaching to Players from 10 years up, Male and Female, as well as those with an Intellectual Disability.

Whether it's a 1 hour Skills Feedback session, a 30 Minute Master Class, or a 8 Session High Performance Program with a comprehensive Status Report, we have a Program to help you achieve your Indoor Cricket goals.

Please contact John Lonergan to discuss how Inclusive Sports Coaching can help you

Ph: 0413 319 044


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