Indoor Cricket Advanced Coaching Course

This course has been designed by Inclusive Sports Coaching to meet several needs:

  • Provide those new to Coaching Superleague/Club and/or State Teams with insights into High Performance Indoor Cricket approaches

  • Share detailed analysis of game data with experienced High Performance Indoor Cricket Coaches to assist them in validating or reviewing their current methods and strategies

  • Tournament specific advice and approaches to help you succeed in this unique environment

  • Provide a resource for Indoor Sports Associations enabling them to have all Indoor Cricket Coaches with a minimum and consistent level of understanding

Challenge your thinking to see if you can elevate yourself as a Coach or Player:

- Learn how to gain opposition information just from reviewing a game scoresheet

- Find out in what scenario you will win 90% of the games you play !

- Why should you Slap instead of Tap?

- What's the Roof Drill and how does it help Outdoor players adapt to Indoor?

- Why is the 2nd Batting Pair the most important?

- Learn why we worry too much about the 3rd Ball rule, it really doesn't matter!

- Why should my Sweeper field in a different position for a Spinner?

These are just a few examples of the areas covered in this Course to help you validate your current thinking, and also consider how you might change how you coach different fielding positions to optimise the outcomes. 

If you are hearing impaired, please email us at so we can provide you with the text version of the course and assist you in completing the certification. 

You can pay using the Paypal button below, if you don't have Paypal please email to discuss paying via Bank Transfer.

Once you have made payment, you will receive an email providing the Web Site Link for the Course. 

Price: $29 AUD (normally $65!!)

Duration: 1.5 to 2 Hours of Content at your own pace