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Certifications with Inclusive Sports Coaching

John Lonergan discovered there were several areas within his areas of expertise that were lacking in regard to focused Training Modules and/or Industry Certifications.  

Therefore as a way to pass on his knowledge and experience to others, and provide some formal recognition to people who have taken the time to learn and grow as sports coaches or support staff, several training courses have been created. 

It is envisaged that these Certifications will be used to support and augment other Training provided by Peak Sporting Bodies and Disability Associations, and help elevate the overall quality of Coaching and Support given to athletes. 

Coaching Players with a Disability

Inclusive Sports Coaching will provide Coaching courses to supplement your sport specific accreditations.  For example you may have a Community Level Coaching Accreditation for Cricket from Cricket Australia.  We believe it would be beneficial to supplement that with specific learning for coaching players with a Disability.  There are specific skills and communication methods required to be the best coach you can be for players with a Disability or from a Disadvantaged background, and these skills are often not covered in the critical but generic Coaching Accreditations provided by the peak sporting bodies. 

Community Cricket Coaching - Coaching Athletes with a Disability - Only $2.99 !!





This Course can also be delivered Face to Face in Adelaide at a Club, at a Cost of $150 for up to 15 participants.


Indoor Cricket Coaching Courses

These courses focus purely on Indoor Cricket, starting with the Fundamentals of the game for coaches, team managers, parents, teachers who are just starting to look after competition teams, through to the Advanced Course which provides Strategies, Tactics and Technical Coaching drills and tips for those competing at Superleague, Big Bash and National Tournaments. 

Indoor Cricket Foundations Coaching Course - FREE !!

Indoor Cricket Advanced Coaching Course - $2.99 AUD


What does the Advanced Course Include?

Game Analysis based on hundreds of hours of research

1 Hour of Voice Over Content, 10+ Training Videos and Photos demonstrating Fielding and Batting Techniques

Example Templates

Advice on a range of Coaching Tips and Approaches:

- Training 

- Batting Pair selection

- Bowling Order selection

- Field Positioning

- Communication during Games

- Team Driven Culture

- Running between Wickets

- Tap vs Slap

- Opposition Analysis

- Tournament Itinerary

This Course is based upon participation in 25+ National Tournaments, over 25 years involvement in Representative Level Indoor Cricket, Hundreds of Hours of analysis of National Tournament scoresheets, tactics and strategies.

The Advanced Coaching course is bound to provide even the most seasoned coaches with some ideas and methods to utilise in any High Performance focused Indoor Cricket environment. 

Below is one of the Videos showing a Fielding technique, with many more like this within the Course with voice over explanations of the method, intent and benefits.

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