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Inclusive Sports Coaching Services

Therapy Through Sport

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Inclusive Sports Academy​​

The following are Services available to people in South Australia with an Intellectual Disability, Physical Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Learning difficulties or Disadvantaged, utilising their NDIS Funding.  As part of their Management Plan they can have access to Therapy Through Sports whether they are children where parents want them to improve their skills and personal development, or teens and adults looking to represent their State or Country in the All Abilities pathway.  It's also for those who just want to get out and do some physical activity, be out in the environment and improve their motor skills and experience new challenges to help regulate behaviour. In all sessions there is a strong focus not only on sporting skills, but also social skills such as communication, listening and resilience. 

An NDIS Services Agreement for the Coaching Services will be provided and agreed via email.  This can be utilised to help justify and formalise the services with your NDIS Support Coordinator and/or Plan Manager.  

In most cases we will find a venue close to you, understanding that part of the benefit is to allow parents and carers some respite to do other activities or just take some time to breathe.  

Coaching Capabilities and Locations

Jump Start - All our Coaches are able to work with participants who don't have a chosen sport, but would benefit from trying different sports and doing general physical activity.  

Cricket - Level 1 and 2 Cricket Australia Coaches.  John will travel to most locations, Syed for Northern Suburbs.  Paul based in Perth, WA (Kardinya) and will travel up to 40 minutes. 

AFL - A Grade Player and Junior Coach experience.  Sam located in Blackwood

Soccer - Level 1 and A Grade Playing experience.  Taine located at Flagstaff Hill, Syed for Northern Suburbs

Tennis - Club Coach and Playing expeirence. Ryan located at Port Noarlunga.  Darren located in East Torrens has also provided Badminton coaching. 

Basketball - State Level Playing experience and Junior Coaching - Belle located in Glynde, Syed in Northern Suburbs, John for most areas

Netball - State Level Playing experience and Junior Coaching.  Belle located in Glynde, Carly located in Black Forest. 

Speed, Agility and Personal Training qualifications and experience.  Jason is located in Flagstaff Hill

Other Sports - All Coaches have general sports coaching experience and capabilities, knowledge of maximising body movements, strength, accuracy etc.  Sports Coaching for Ten Pin Bowling, Baseball, Rugby, Badminton and Golf have been provided. 

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"Bryce is already responding well to the Coaching, we can see him improving in his listening skills and memory recall due to the way John is explaining things"


Parent of a 14 Year Old with Autism receiving Cricket Coaching as part of the Inclusive Sports Academy

"You have an innate talent for engaging people with special needs"

Parent of a 22 Year Old with Autism receiving Golf Coaching as part of the Inclusive Sports Academy

Inclusive Sports Coaching Accredited Coaches


John Lonergan - CA Representative Coach, CCID, ACID

Paul Finnie - CA High Performance Coach, Level 3 Hockey Coach, CCID

Sam Hill - CA Community Coach, CCID

Jason Harding - Speed and Agility Qualifications, CCID

Taine Harding - Speed and Agility Qualifications, CCID

Blake McMillan - CCID

Ryan Russell - High Performance Tennis Coach, CCID

Carly Heinrich - Community Netball Coach, CCID

James Niederer - CA Community Coach, CCID, Junior Coordinator and All Abilities Clinic Founder, Adelaide

Paolo Franzini - CA Representative Coach, WA ID State Coach, CCID, Perth

Jono DeConno - Level 1 CA Coach, North Eastern Junior Association Coach, Adelaide

Syed Mohsin - Level 2 CA Coach, Level 1 Soccer Coach, University Basketball Player, Junior Coach, Adelaide

Darren Roberts - Cycling, AFL, Sports Science Qualifications

Belinda Godden - State Basketball representative, Netball, Support Work and Mentoring

Matt Tassell - Former NBL1 Basketball Player, Basketball Junior Coach, AFL

Tyler Simmons - Baseball, Kayaking, Golf

Christopher Raja - CCID, Coach in Doha, Qatar

Lily Harvey - CCID, School Age Cricketer Adelaide

Scott Dawson - CCID, Community Club Head Coach, Adelaide

Jye Stephens - CCID, Community Cricketer, Adelaide

Paul Gent - CCID, Community Cricketer, Adelaide

Tyson Anderson - CCID, Community Junior Coach, Adelaide

Aaron Sebastyan - CCID, Community Cricketer, Adelaide

Nicholas Brodley - CCID, Community Cricketer, Adelaide

Yasmin Lyons - CCID, Community Club Junior Coordinator, Adelaide

Alex May - CCID, Community Cricketer, Adelaide

Barbara McIver - CCID, Community Club Committee Member, Adelaide

Shaun Conniff - CCID, Community Club Coach, Adelaide

Amy Picton - CCID, Community Club Committee Member, Adelaide

Jared Devolle - CCID, Community Cricketer, Adelaide

Ann Brodley - CCID, Community Club Committee Member, Adelaide

Garry Brodley - CCID, Community Club President, Adelaide

Sam Colley - CCID, Teacher, Adelaide

Jay Woolford - CCID, Cricket Director ATCA Club, Studying OT, Adelaide

Vic McKinlay - CCID, Diversity and Inclusion Officer Baseball Club, Adelaide

Ashley Ng - CCID, Umpire Baseball Club, Adelaide

Stef Gratton - CCID, Junior Coach Baseball Club, Adelaide

Karen Mentha - CCID, Junior Coach Baseball Club, Adelaide

Jake Wong - CCID, Junior Coach Baseball Club, Adelaide

Anthony Dienelt - CCID, Junior Coach Baseball Club, Adelaide

Damon Williamson - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Saransh Karnawat - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Sharon Lynas - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Suki Ali - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Noah Craven-Briggs - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Shane McCarter - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Peter Ciavarella - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Peter Symons - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Peter Brear - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Mark Freeman - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Stephen Box - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Akshay Kodoth - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Chris Konolige - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Clinton Kennon - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Matthew Dervan - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Sebastian Gargana - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Kaitlyn Frawley - CCID, Cricket Victoria, Melbourne

Scott Baldwin - ICFC, Adelaide

The following Services are High Performance focused for any Mainstream Cricket Players and Coaches looking to learn more about the Mental Skills involved in sport, expand their Coaching skills to include specialised areas, learn techniques on how to analyse opponents in preparation for a game using scorecards and publicly available information. Decision Making Quotient (DMQ) Coaching can be engaged to teach the skills, or deliver and execute the skills directly with players and clubs as required. 

Performance Under Pressure Coaching



John is a Representative Level (formerly known as Level 2) Cricket Coach and can work with Cricketers looking to improve their Outdoor Cricket game at both a technical and mental level.  Not only can we provide the traditional cricket coaching assistance, but John's experience working with a wide range of people means he can assist children, teenagers and/or adults who struggle sometimes with high pressure situations, have some anxiety, or other issues which restrict their ability to maintain or improve performances.  

The hourly rate for general Cricket Coaching services is $75 per hour (plus venue costs if required).  The venue and the overall pricing approach can be discussed and modified on a case by case basis to best suit your location and budget.  We're focused on helping people improve as people as well as cricketers.. Contact John on 0413 319 044 or to discuss further. 

Coaching Certifications


Coaching Players with a Disability

Inclusive Sports Coaching will provide Coaching courses to supplement your sport specific accreditations.  For example you may have a Community Level Coaching Accreditation for Cricket from Cricket Australia.  We believe it would be beneficial to supplement that with specific learning for coaching players with an Intellectual Disability.  There are specific skills and communication methods required to be the best coach you can be for players with a Disability or from a Disadvanted background, and these skills are often not covered in the critical but generic Coaching Accreditations provided by the peak sporting bodies. 

Community Cricket Coaching - Coaching Athletes with an Intellectual Disability - Only $2.99 !!

We can also run the Community Coaching Course for Sporting Clubs at a Club Rate - contact John at

Indoor Cricket Coaching Accreditation

These courses focus purely on Indoor Cricket, starting with the Fundamentals of the game for coaches, team managers, parents, teachers who are just starting to look after competition teams, through to the Advanced Course which provides Strategies, Tactics and Technical Coaching drills and tips for those competing at Superleague, Big Bash and National Tournaments. 

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