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Inclusive Sport Stories

Inclusive Sport Stories provides Storytellers for your Event, Retreat, Club Function or any occasion.  Hear from people with a Disability as they tell their story about how they dealt with adversity with Goal Setting, Resilience and Positivity.

What We Do

Founder of Inclusive Sports Coaching, John Lonergan, had the idea of providing opportunities for people with a Disability to provide companies and clubs with a more affordable and more relatable experience.  

These people have inspirational stories to tell, and have developed key skills in achieving milestones and coping with obstacles which other people can benefit from.  Our Storytellers are easy to relate to, as they aren't highly paid athletes or world champions, they are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

John will facilitate a Panel approach where he introduces each of the Storytellers, assists in prompting for questions, and helping to align the Storytellers experiences to the audience.

The Storytellers

How to Engage the Storytellers

The Storytellers can adapt their messaging and challenges to the needs of your business or club.  The following categories are examples:

- Resilience in the Face of Adversity

- Setting Goals and Achieving Them

- Coping with Change

A typical engagement includes 1 Hour of Presentation and Q&A, and then another Hour where the Storytellers mingle with the audience.

Pricing: $1200 plus GST

Email John - for more details or to arrange a meeting to discuss organising a presentation. 

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